How many courses are included in the Range Meat Clewrk Certificate?

The online Range® Meat Clerk Certificate program is made up of 16 courses designed to give you the tools and confidence to provide your customer with a great experience at the meat case. We cover beef, pork, lamb, and chicken.

Range® Meat Clerk (Includes RMC101, RMC201, RMC301)

Our comprehensive program is divided into 3 manageable Range® Meat Clerk Certificate sections:  

  • Range® Meat Clerk Meat Essentials Certificate (RMC101)
  • Range® Meat Clerk Cuts & Features Certificate (RMC201)
  • Range® Meat Clerk Cooking Methods and Preparation Tips Certificate (RMC301)

Earn all 3 Certificates and over 100 competency badges to become a Range® Meat Clerk. 

The Range® Meat Clerk Meat Essentials Certificate includes 5 courses. It covers exemplary customer service and meat basics knowledge, including characteristics of primals and subprimals, recognition of the various types of cuts in the meat case, and instruction on using meat as an ingredient (slices, cubed, ground meats).  

The Range® Meat Clerk Cuts & Features Certificate includes 8 courses and provides the student with a strong knowledge base regarding identifying and merchandising the multiple cuts in the meat case. You will be able to identify the individual cuts associated with beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, understand cut attributes, and recommend cut substitutes and proper cooking methods to your customers. 

The Range® Meat Clerk Cooking Methods & Preparation Tips Certificate includes 3 courses on assisting the customer with choosing the right cut, recommending proper cooking methods, and understanding and suggesting interesting flavor profiles using rubs, pastes, and marinades to match the cut and cooking method.

As a student, you will have the opportunity to learn skills and earn competency badges by completing the course work, answering knowledge check questions, viewing videos, solving jigsaw puzzles, and utilizing study aids.  

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Earn your Range® Meat Clerk Certificate by completing all course work and passing all course quizzes with a minimum of 80% accuracy.